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News for CES 2022: AMD reveals GPUs, Intel and Nvidia in a more mysterious way

AMD, Intel and Nvidia will present their views at the CES 2022 eCommerce Exhibition in early January. AMD already mentioned and promises new GPUs. Intel and Nvidia are more room for speculation.

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AMD at CES 2022

AMD’s news agency reported the news of the event January 4, 2022 at 4 p.m. Local time To CES, but no On CES takes place, information. The event will be broadcast live Want to see, it continues.

New products such as graphic solutions are to be offered. There is a hole in the newsletter translated into German, but it can be assumed that it includes processors as well.

AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will be the upcoming AMD during CES 2022 on January 4th [?] And graphics solutions from AMD at a virtual press conference. It will also feature AMD’s vision to enable world-class, high-performance computer experiences for games, entertainment and the way we live and work today.


It can be assumed that AMD will provide the long-awaited graphics cards of the RX 6500 XT and RX 6400 series. On the processor side, the newer versions of the Raison 5000 have extra 3D cache and new notebook APUs from the Rembrandt family that can be imagined, as AMD had already promised both at the beginning of 2022.

Lisa Su announced at the Credit Suisse Technology Conference at the end of November (Transcript via Seeking Alpha) I would like to talk about the new map for PC products at CES 2022. “On the PC side, we’re excited about our 2022 road map. We will talk more about that at CES.

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Nvidia Sur CES 2022

Nvidia is on for an hour after AMD January 4, 2022 at 5 p.m. One “Management Important Note“Stop. “Discover the latest developments in accelerated systems ranging from design and simulation to games and autonomous machinesTherefore, there should be innovations in almost all product segments, including GeForce for gamers.

See what’s next and discover the latest developments in accelerated PCs ranging from design and simulation to gaming and autonomous machines.


There is speculation about the full-scale announcement of new models. The GeForce RTX3090T with faster memory and the GeForce RTX3050 for desktop PCs are still pending. Refreshment Notes Build the RTX 3080 with 12 GB and the RTX 3070 Ti with 16 GB more possibilities.

Intel at CES 2022

At Intel, things are even more mysterious than they are on the official CES calendar January 4, 2022 from 7 p.m. Set up Press conference Takes place on camera in the presence of media representatives. There are no references to the content yet. It could be the new Alder Lake Offshoots for desktop and notebooks or the Arc family’s first graphics solutions would be totally advised.

Attend Intel’s Media Days press conference. This is a media-only event. Streaming for this session is only available through web apps. Tablets and mobile devices are not supported.

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