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New World is Steam's biggest release of the year and servers are not standing still

New World is Steam’s biggest release of the year and servers are not standing still

Dear adventurers – thank you for your support to start a new world! We are aware of problems with our servers and arrays, and we are currently working to resolve them. Thank you for your patience and understanding“, Released the game’s Twitter account in the middle of the afternoon, however this morning the servers were already overflowing.

Players are accustomed to the situation, but Amazon Games may have been legally shocked by this grandeur, which can already be described as overwhelming. According to statistics SteamDB, Online RPG 665,017 is at the peak of simultaneous players, it continues to grow minute by minute. Is it a lot? Yes so much. In comparison, the biggest performance credit for an innovation released this year Walheim, When it put together 502,387 players on February 21st.

Surprisingly, most players are currently stuck in a queue, and early Steam user reviews are already being pulled negative. Many users are surprised to find that the capacity of servers does not exceed 2,000 seats and criticize Amazon games for not learning the lessons of various betas.

In short, if you do not want to contribute to the rush for pleasure, it is certainly not useful to set aside your evening time, and the real introduction New world Undoubtedly the good part of the players will take place after a while. One last delay for Amazon Games, finally.