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New World: Free text exchange delayed

New World: Free text exchange delayed

In fact, free writing exchanges for the New World should begin last week. But nothing came of it, and the developer was still not satisfied with the quality of the Amazon Games feature.

Updated from October 11, 2021:

Players in New world Wait anxiously for the announced server change and be patient for a while. This feature was originally supposed to be implemented by October 10th, but Amazon Games is moving the whole thing Week of October 11th. (They are: Amazon Games)

All the details about the writing exchange in the new world

In a forum post, Amazon Games finally explained in detail how writing exchange works and what to consider:

How do I change my character?

  • You must log in with your character, which means you will have to wait in the corresponding queue.
  • Go to the store in the game, where there is a new option to request your spelling token for free.
  • If you are in a company, you have to give it up.
  • All sales and purchase orders must be canceled at the mall.
  • Your character must be in a safe place (e.g. in a settlement or outpost).

What to take with me during server transfers?

  • Your entire writing progress (status, weapons management, title, etc.) is retained.
  • You keep your division and your progress there
  • You have your inventory and storage.
  • You have your assets in all currencies.
  • You own your home and furniture / decor.
  • You will advance all searches.

What did I not carry in my character?

  • Your organizational link must be canceled and not changed prior to the change.
  • Orders for active sale and purchase at the mall must be removed and not transferred.
  • The friends list is global and has not changed.
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Where can I move my character?

  • You can move your character to any world in your region:
  • The character cannot be transferred to the whole world.
  • The character cannot be moved to a world of maintenance.
  • The character cannot be moved to a world that already has its own characteristics.

Amazon Games has an open question as to whether there will be another free exchange, but they will cancel the tokens in the future. As an in-store shopping option Wants to provide.

Regional regulation is frustrating

With this detailed explanation, the question of whether players can transfer their characters to another server area is now also clarified? The answer in this case is “no”, which certainly causes frustration in the community. Amazon Games had to publish Incorrect information providedA server change can even take place from one region to another.

Since it is not so, some players Stuck in a server area with their character and all the upgradesThey chose it only because of the long queues and what Amazon Games said. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Currently servers can only be changed if the above conditions are met.

Original news from October 7, 2021:

New World Server Exchange: Developer reveals important details about free conversion

The horror of the queues was a bit less in the first few days of the New World launch, but many MMO fans still couldn’t play or switch to servers they didn’t really want to go to. Amazon Games plans to solve this problem this week with free text exchanges.

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Many players are currently waiting for the free writing exchange for the new world. To straighten the long queues, developer Amazon Games has opened dozens of servers in all regions. However, as a result, many are now running out of servers they don’t want to go to. In the future you and your character can quickly switch servers to play with your friends.

New World: Writing exchanges are coming this week

In the link notes, Amazon Games announced that they have already implemented the basics of the system in the game, and they are expected This weekend I would like to provide free writing exchange. It says:

“We have developed the basics for the upcoming transliteration service and implemented it in the game, so you can already see the components of our products in the game store. We are still working on completing this feature and will provide you with more information on how it works during the week (when we are ready to release the feature). “(Source: Amazon Games)

There is no exact date yet when this feature will be available. If everything goes as planned on Amazon Games, it should be ready by October 10th.

Amazon Games will soon take action against players who block server breaks:

Server, Global Set and Region: Where Can You Switch?

New World forums already contain information, for example, about whether players can only transfer within their global system and change the server area as well. A new global customer service representative said the players Servers are allowed to switch freely, So this There are no barriers in the world system Gives. In Another part But if you can’t take your character with you, you have to start there and create a new character.

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Specifically, you can change your character from a server in the Wanaheim Row world system to a server in the Wanaheim Kappa World Gallery, but if you want to move from the EU to the eastern region of the US you can not take your character with you.

The first character exchange will be free and after the turbulent release players will have the opportunity to play on the server of their choice. In the future a Shop paid service Amazon Games has not yet been revealed.