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New World: Destroyed Nvidia graphics cards are still an issue

New World: Destroyed Nvidia graphics cards are still an issue

As the hype train rolls in, the downline of the new Amazon MMORPG New World is shown to a few users. You can re-read the erasure of vulnerable Nvidia graphics cards (RTX 3080/3090). We ourselves are plagued by “brick” problems.

The successful, but certainly confusing release of New World, not only deceived the players who had to spend a day in the line of online roll-flaming game due to server problems and lack of skill, but also the owners of different owners. Nvidia graphics cards Manufacturer EVGA and Gigabyte. Already in the beta phase in July, many owners of related GPUs from the Nvidia GeForce RTX3080 and RTX3090 series reported “brick” hardware.

Updates from Nvidia, Amazon and EVGA will not always help

In the summer mainly EVGA “Rare issues” Criticized on affected graphics cards and immediately Exchange show Firmware updates have begun, and some owners of gigabyte GPUs with ampere technology are now talking Reddit. We are also among the affected users. Despite the various security measures in the New World and the graphics card driver, the problem remains.

Already in the new menu Amazon-MMORPG The graphics card is loaded at an unusually high level and, if not threatening, reaches a high level. A frame rate limit of 60 FPS introduced by the developers should really prevent this in the New World menu. Additionally, the 60 FPS limit is recommended in gaming settings and can enable global and sports-based FPS limits on the Nvidia control panel.

The graphics card will be “reset” if you leave the game

However, it appears that graphics cards that are vulnerable to EVGA and gigabytes still have various triggers that can cause a hardware failure. We learned from our immediate context that there was a significant increase in load when changing graphics settings, while closing the game in our case led to “Brick” gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 gaming. The fans are 100 percent screaming, the screen turns black, and the PC says goodbye.

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Of course mentioned: We used the latest Nvidia drivers and the current firmware of the Gigabyte card, set an FPS limit via the Nvidia Control Panel and were only able to verify 60 FPS in the main menu.

On Reddit The Gigabyte GeForce RTX3080D Eagle and EVGA graphics card are also not described in detail. Of course, every gamer should be aware that such misery can be attributed not only to the New World programming, but also to the low production of the Nvidia graphics card primarily from EVGA and Gigabyte. Since a large number of players can immerse themselves in the world of MMORPG without any problem, the problem should only affect a few users.

Considering that the current RTX 3000 generation Nvidia graphics cards are even more expensive, there is a hurdle for affected athletes who should now resort to expert distributors and graphics card manufacturers within their warranty.

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