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PlayStation 5

New ways to buy from GameStop. No more frequent restarts and queues!

GameStop has announced new ways to buy for Sony’s PlayStation 5 consoles, Is your own validity The official site at this address. Starting earlier this week restocks occur frequently and there is no need to stand in line In “Waiting room“Access to purchase.

This time The actual restart calendar is not formalized With dates and times, but the same Gamestop in its press release often recommends linking to the site to check the availability of the new Sony console.

The chances of finding an available console increase in the morning, Will be easy to connect to when the PlayStation 5 is available on the official website. On the homepage you will see a box indicating the availability for purchasing the PS5.


Available sizes for each occasion will be minimal Only the fastest or the lucky ones can catch one for this reason. But an increased number of restarts should make things easier for everyone. Unfortunately, there is no way to know in advance when new consoles will be available, Or if they are available ‘Smooth‘Oh Bundle.

We look forward to seeing if weekly resumes are maintained, Which will usually be on Thursday afternoons. Or is it a complete breakthrough with daily restarts.

Alternatively, you can go to any GameStop outlet and build your PlayStation 5 A promotion “Trade. Your old console PS5 bundle is worth up to 150 to book, or Up to 200 to buy PS5 accessories and games.

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So we invite you to keep the antennas well upright in your head, e.g. Subscribe to our telegram channel dedicated to offers We will let you know soon about the availability of the new PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X..

PlayStation 5 GameStop promotion