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Les fleets disparaissent après huit mois d

Away from users, Twitter’s “navy” will disappear

These medieval messages, like Snapshot or Instagram stories, do not meet their audience. Twitter will remove this feature on August 3rd.

Copying a successful feature does not always mean success. Twitter has its “bitter experience”NavyLaunched last November, “Marines” make it possible to publish news that disappears 24 hours after it is released. “Similar format”StoriesFrom Snapshot and Instagram.

But Twitter users added this feature, forcing the social network to announce the disappearance of the Navy on August 3rd.

Twitter wanted more users to join the social network and share more content, knowing that one day their writing would disappear. The goal is for Internet users to re-emerge after years of fear of seeing misleading tweets and causing controversy. The Navy – after all – has become a new advertising space for social networking, which is constantly losing a lot of money.

«With Fleet, we thought it would be very convenient for people to join the conversation on Twitter. But we do not see an increase in the expectation of new active users», Explains social networking in his blog. In fact, navies have already been used very decisively by Twitter members in order to give extra visibility to their characters.

Twitter recently introduced new features, Such as audio lounges (“Gaps”) is the model of the clubhouse application. He also wants to allow Internet users Financially supports the most influential Twitter users, And encourage them to create newsletters. Finally, He will soon start offering tariffs This will block new services such as canceling the sending of news or folders to categorize favorite tweets.

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