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Cannito - Scommegna

New storm in town hall. Mayor Connito unloads manager Skommegna

This may be one of the last acts of Mayor Casimi Conido. And for this reason it seems even more significant. The mayor, who resigned, was eager to “continue to withdraw the contract” he signed with executive Santa Skommagna.

Now the personnel departments have to do the rest. Therefore, the motion of no confidence will be debated in a few hours from the City Council, which may order an early termination of the order, as a new storm hits Palazzo de Citte. Not only at the management level, the departments headed by Santa Skommegna (culture, production activities and support for the political direction of the company) should be handed over to a new executive. Yes, because, this move has already further compromised the dangerous balances.

The administrative engine is down. All risks associated with particularly gentle procedures should be followed by the manager. And don’t miss out on important funding. The mayor, for his part, mentions that he wants to continue the process (which has already begun) of identifying a new executive manager on a practical-term management basis. However, if there is no confidence on Wednesday, the matter will end up in the hands of the commissioner. With all consequences.

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