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New Purchases with Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation Intervention, Empress

New Purchases with Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation Intervention, Empress

Activision-Blizzard: File complicated by the intervention of Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox.

As time goes on, the activation-blizzard situation becomes more complicated. Since the lawsuit was filed by the state of California last July, the setbacks have continued and the situation has become more and more complicated. Now, we know that Bobby Kodik, the board’s chief executive, may not have taken action to control the situation or inform the board of directors for years.

Following the publication of this survey, more than 1,750 (9,500 employees) have already signed a petition demanding his resignation. Jim Ryan (Sony), Bill Spencer (Xbox) and finally Duck Bowser (Nintendo of America) each expressed themselves in their own way.

One of them, Jim Ryan, first spoke in an internal email where he said he was “disgusted and outspoken” and then announced that Bill Spencer would reconsider their relationship with the group with possible repercussions in the future. Finally, Doug Bowser contacted the company directly as well as the ESA (equivalent to selling in the US).

Every business in this field must create an environment where everyone is respected and treated equally, and everyone must understand the consequences of violating this rule.

Following these speeches, Activision-Blizzard’s spokesman spoke to Bloomberg.

“We value all feedback from our valued partners and are committed to ensuring that our culture and work environment is safe, diverse and inclusive.”

He then speaks on behalf of Bobby Kodik:
“Anyone who doubts that my commitment (creating the company) is a very welcome and inclusive workplace does not realize how important these issues are to me.”

The Empress Group is still hungry and is planning several purchases

Apart from Xbox, another little-known Scandinavian player has been making huge sums of money over the years, with the Empress Group having more than 86 studios around the world (including Saber Interactive, THQ Nordic and Koch Media).

The Swedish company has become the leading video game player in Europe, facing Ubisoft in a bad way.

Embracer therefore announces that there will be no less than 25 AAA games in development (including the relaunch of Saints Row and Tyna Tyna’s Wonderland) and about 30 planned repurchases.

We expect to complete the same number of acquisitions over the next twelve months. We currently have a variety of processes and negotiations underway, in which a number of exclusive agreements have been signed.

This week in a nutshell:

– In France, Call of Duty Vanguard (PS4) is the best seller in the 45th week. It was followed by Forza Horizon 5, Mario Party Superstars, FIFA 22 (PS4) and finally Call of Duty Vanguard (PS5).

– In Japan, Shin Megami Tensei V was released last week (143,247), followed by Mario Party Superstars (45,045), Dragon Quest X: Tensei no Eiyuu-tachi Online on Switch (22,702), Ring Fit Adventure (12,921) and Dragon Quest on PS4. X (11,791). In terms of hardware, Switch (46,547), Switch OLED (23,708) and Switch Lite (17,012) still dominate the rankings.

Sega and Capcom announce a partnership around Monster Hunter Rice. In fact, the action of the blue hedgehog Capcom comes in RPG. The content of this collaboration will be available on Friday at Game.

– Ed Sheeran began his tour of the Pokemon Temple on November 22 (yesterday). Singer-songwriter Pokemon agrees to be a fan of the universe, especially Karabuz. All the details in this message.

– Like the emperor, Tencent continues to invest, especially in the West. So the Chinese company becomes a minority partner in Playtonic, we are indebted to Yooka-Laylee Games. The studio will use these funds to expand its staff occupied by a number of projects.

– Again, Reggie-Philim, former head of Nintendo of America, This year again the Sports Awards will feature in the jury. Has posted a message on his Twitter account.

– Ubisoft opens fourth studio in Quebec (Sherbrook). By 2030, it should have 250 employees. The company currently employs more than 5,000 people in Quebec and 20,000 worldwide.

– MiHoYo (Genshin Impact) expands in Canada after Japan, South Korea, Singapore, US and China (Head Office). It has opened a studio in Montreal dedicated to the development of a new AAA action-adventure game.

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