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New place for amusement park!

New place for amusement park!

Very short distance from notice Super Nintendo World Start Date, Kyoto Amusement Park stamped house will show itself in a new ad.

The team spread to Japan Universal Studios, This video provides you to learn more about the attractions created by the fantasy theme park of Super Mario and the best Nintendo icons. So he could not miss the appeal either Yoshi, One of the most loyal comrades in the adventures of the Mesopotamian Italian plumber. In fact, even the famous green dinosaur is the absolute protagonist of one of the attractions Super Nintendo World!

The Yoshi’s ride You can see it going through some of the frames of the TV ad dedicated to the theme park. As expected, following the release of the video, some of the fans have taken action to destroy the attraction Screen shot. Directly in this post, you will find some scenes and new ones dedicated to Yoshi Advertising video Super Nintendo World: What do you think about the Nintendo theme park and would you like to visit it?

The opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Osaka, originally expected in the summer of 2020, has been postponed due to the international health crisis. As announced in Nintendo Live Condoto da Shigeru Miyamoto, The park will open February 2021.

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