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New normal competitions, test year and training: how it happens.  Download the DRAFT Order [PDF]

New normal competitions, test year and training: how it happens. Download the DRAFT Order [PDF]

How will the test and training year take place for those who pass the exams of the new normal competition?

The Ministry of Education, in the opinion of the CSPI, issued the Ordinance, Article 59, paragraph 12, 25 May 2021, n. 73 changed, with changes, by law 23 July 2021, n. 106.

New Ordinary Competitions, 30% of seats are reserved for teachers with three years of service, one of which is specified

School Teacher Contests 2021: What, Who Participates, Lesson Dates

As a result of the procedures referred to in Article 59, paragraph 10 of the Ordinance-Act of 25 May 2021, this provision shall apply to employees employed after the completion of normal competition. 73 changed, with changes, by law 23 July 2021, n. 106.

School competitions begin by 2021: they will be for preschool, elementary and high school. New rules

New normal competitions, test year and training: how it happens

As per the order of the Minister, the training and testing period is aimed at verifying the professional competencies of the teacher, in the artificial activity carried out and in the planned and instrumental activities, as well as the organizational dynamics of the teacher in the environment. Educational Institution.

Faculty staff were hired as a result of the procedures referred to in Law Order No., Article 59, paragraph 10. With 73 amendments in 2021, Law no. 106 in 2021, Must complete training and testing period:

a) In the first year of service with an indefinite term;

b) If there is a request to extend the training and probationary period or if it has not been completed in previous years. However, repeating the period involves participating in training activities that may be considered an integral part of the service during the trial year.

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In the event of a negative evaluation of the training and testing period, teachers undertake a second training and testing period that cannot be renewed.

Passing the training and probationary period is subject to the performance of the service provided for at least one hundred and eighty days during the school year.

The training and testing period is aimed at verifying the professional standards of the newly hired teachers with the following criteria:

A Referring to the possession and exercise of cultural, ethical, information technology, linguistics, artificial and formal skills, the founding themes of knowledge and the objectives of the skill and the learning objectives provided by the applicable laws;

b Maintaining and exercising relevant, organizational and managerial skills;

c Possession and exercise of orientation and research, documentation and assessment skills;

E. Compliance with the duties associated with the status and teaching activity of the public servant;

e. Participate in training activities and achieve the goals set by them.

In light of the first artificial operations carried out, for the purpose of personalizing training activities, The newly hired teacher, in collaboration with the teacher, develops an initial assessment of skills in the form of structured self-assessment.

During the training, the newly hired teacher oversees the creation of his or her own professional portfolio in digital format, which should include:

A Space for an explanation of one’s professional curriculum;

b At the beginning of the training, prepare a balance of skills;

c Documentation of significant phases of artificial planning, operational activities undertaken, and verification activities carried out;

E Creating a Final Balance Sheet and Providing a Professional Development Plan.

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During the training and testing period, the training activities are organized over a total of 50 hours in 4 phases, as follows:

A Preparatory and final recovery meetings;

b. Training workshops;

c. “Peer to peer” and classroom observation;

E Online training.

The regional school administration organizes at least one preparatory training meeting with the newly hired teachers at the regional level. The general training class is aimed at general methods, expected professional details, school findings and final appointments.
Make an overall assessment of the training activity undertaken.

Training activities for teachers during the probationary period are planned at a regional level, taking into account the balance of skills mentioned in Article 5, paragraph 3 and the consequent identification of training needs.

These efforts are characterized by the adoption of laboratory methods (professional exchange, research-activity, re-expansion and production of artificial scenes) and content that is strictly related to teaching.