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New Indestructible Phoenix Rising Combat Game Play Revealed on Nintendo Direct

New Indestructible Phoenix Rising Combat Game Play Revealed on Nintendo Direct

Immortals unveils new trailer for Phoenix Rising during Ubisoft’s Nintendo Live Mini Partner Showcase.

Many fans are excited for the release of Ubisoft Watch Dogs: Brigade, Others have in their minds another open world game from the developer: RPG action, inspired by Greek mythology, Indestructible Phoenix Rising. Initial previews for the game are generally positive, with many describing it as highly structured Zelda: Wild breath. Now, it looks like Ubisoft is ready to show off more of its players Phoenix RisingThe game has released a new trailer showing the war of the game.

This new trailer Indestructible Phoenix Rising Introduced during today’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase. The trailer shows players who can equip Phoenix with three different types of weapons. For players who want to attack quickly, the sword will be their closest ally. Players who prefer a harder, heavier style will prefer to use the ax. Finally, players who want to deal with enemies from a distance can equip Phoenix with a bow and arrow full of arrows.

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While this may seem like a sign that players should choose a fighting style and stick with it, Ubisoft has confirmed that this is not the case. Trailer for this Indestructible Phoenix Rising Tells players that they can switch between weapons while flying, even when fighting enemies. This feature was shown during the trailer because Phoenix is ​​fighting them A group of mythical monstrosities.

However, the trailer itself does not fight back. Players were shown brief views of the various types of research and the puzzle-solving dynamics of activating moving platforms using Phoenix’s bow. By solving these puzzles, players will be given different gifts and gifts from the gods of the Greek Pantheon, which will be strong in the Phoenix process.

When Indestructible Phoenix Rising It looks like Ubisoft’s attempt to create a fun, new IP, with less support from some players. Some have chosen to post comments for the trailer on YouTube Wild breath Clone. This is not the first comparison with the critically acclaimed Zelda This year’s game, as Maihoyo’s crude game Kensh’s impact Faced a similar comparison. Hopefully when Immortals Starting on December 3rd, the Phoenix can rise to the occasion and silence the Neighbors.

Indestructible Phoenix Rising Released on December 3, 2020 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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