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New Easter egg invented by internet users

New Easter egg invented by internet users

After the news is coded on its parachute, Rover Perservance reveals its other secrets. He looked very carefully at a small family portrait engraved on the robot. This is one of the many Easter eggs made by NASA.

Credit: NASA

Of course, diligence is full of surprises. Shortly after the rover landed on Mars, several Internet users discovered that the US space agency had slipped. Coded message In the robot parachute. He was quickly understood. But this is clearly not the only blink of an eye made by NASA teams. One of the agency’s experts had warned “Sometimes we slip messages in our work to find others, so we ask all of you to try to find them.”. A report taken at face value by space exploration enthusiasts has now discovered a new detail in its physical work. In one photo, you can see a family portrait. The engraving depicts all the rovers From NASA, which set foot on Mars. We find sojourner, spirit, opportunity and curiosity in particular. They were launched in 1997, 2004 and 2012 respectively. Even younger, Perseverance has taken its toll. With him is his little drone, even ingenious. The latter should try to fly in the sky of Mars later this year.

The first test drive in the coming weeks

The mission of the Perseverance Rover Discover signs of ancient microbial life on the planet. Over the next few weeks, Naja plans to send it on a short test run before exploring the Jesero abyss where it landed. Once he finds a suitable place to drill, he must also collect his first specimens. To follow the robot’s adventures on the red planet in more detail, it’s happening on Perseverance’s Twitter account. This is where NASA shared Planetary sound recording, The first in history.

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