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New curfew certificate to download from this Monday

New curfew certificate to download from this Monday

This is the new curfew relocation certificate effective from Monday, May 3, 2021 – Ministry of Home Affairs

When health restrictions are relaxed on Monday, a travel certificate is in effect during the curfew order.
A newer version is available for download On the podium of the Home Ministry since that day. If the curfew order time is maintained from 7pm to 6am, some elements in the new certificate will change.

Six reasons for exceptional travel will appear in the document. You can travel during a professional activity, a care consultation, an important family cause, a justice summons, a trip from a station or airport or a curfew order to pick up your pet.

At least until June 30th

The curfew travel certificate is required until June 30, when Emmanuel Macron announces that the travel ban will be lifted. However, the curfew order should be postponed, if the health situation permits, from May 19 to 9 pm, and then from June 9 to 11 pm.



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