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New controller for virtual reality here, first pictures

New controller for virtual reality here, first pictures

Surprisingly and cautiously, Sony has released the new VR controller It equips The second generation of the PlayStation VR headset, Announced earlier this year, has no release window yet.

I Next Gen Controls for Virtual Reality They have a unique and ergonomic spherical design that is designed to guarantee considerable comfort even after long sports sessions. Integrates with new VR controllers Some key features already found in DualSense Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, more tactile sensitivity, new sensitivity options and more buttons such as:

  • Left controller – analog stick, triangle and square buttons, L1 button, trigger and create
  • Right controller – analog stick, circle and cross button, R1 button and options

L1 / R2 keys (usually “Newspaper“) Can be used to collect objects and perform other activities depending on individual games. Both controls are detected by the loop placed on the underside of the joy pads, allowing the detector to detect tactile detection fingers without pressing on the surface and space of the fitting areas of the thumb, index and middle fingers; So you can do more natural movements.

As far as adaptive triggers are concerned, there should be no differences from what is seen in dualsens, while the haptic concept is optimal for the design of VR controllers. Sony announces that new controls for virtual reality will soon fall into the hands of development teams, but there is still a lot to be said about this. PlayStation VR2, More details will be published later.

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