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New applications: Active m, Photography, Storygraph

Here are 4 messages Apps including our iPhone and iPad have now been released Active m, photo, storygraph.

In order to provide you with the best app releases from the App Store, the selection of the week was made by our team. Make a good discovery and tell us what new processor you have taken!

Sticker Doodle Icon of iPad iPhone iPodSticker Doodle (App, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.2, 5 Mo, iOS 14.1, Charles Etzel)

Create a sticker from A Design Or a Photo Did we take it with his iPhone? This is now possible through the application Drove Sample drawing by hand.
Described as a fun app where you can easily express your creativity, Sticker Doodle offers to create Your own stickers You can use it in the iMessage app.

To create your stickers, there are two ways: if you have an iPhone and / or iPad with your finger or simply an iPad compatible with the Apple Pencil.

Download the free app Sticker Doodle

Sticker Doodle Capture App ipa iphone ipod

Active Icon Processor iPad iPhoneActive m (App, iPhone, v1.0.2, 4 MB, iOS 14.0, Marius Caciulescu)

Active m aims to encourage people to stay healthy.

We all want to be healthy and, in many cases, it’s all about being active. Whether you walk too much, sleep well, go to the gym or meditate, everything is hard to keep track of and difficult to focus on throughout the day. ActiveM helps you set and achieve goals and provides insight into your daily, weekly and monthly progress.

Download the free app Active m

The processor that catches me active is the iPhone

nft camera icon processor ipa iphone capturePhoto – NFT Camera (App, iPhone, v1.1, 66 Mo, iOS 11.0, Plant Apps, Inc.)

Photography is an application designed for you. Take photos and convert to NFT in a minute. Sell ​​your NFTs in the biggest markets and become the owner of your environment.

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Download the free app Photo – NFT Camera

Take photo on NFT camera capture processor ipa iphone

Story Graph Reading Tracker Icon Of Iba iPhone iPadStorygraph: Reading the tracker (App, iPhone / iPad, v1.1, 2 Mo, iOS 13.0, The StoryGraph)

Import your Goodreads data: We will import all of your current reading, reading, reading and unfinished books. Any personalized book will be associated with a unique label in Story Grab.

Discover books by mood: Want something adventurous, fun and fast? How about a darker, slower, more moving book? Whatever your preference, combine our many filtering options to find the book that suits you.

Get personalized and intelligent suggestions: Our machine learning AI book is like your trusted friend for recommendations. By communicating with her she will understand your reading preferences in detail and find the best books for you no matter what your mood.

Download the free app Storygraph: Reading the tracker

Story Graph Reading Tracker Capture App ipa iphone