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Netflix finally releases the release date and title of the episodes

Netflix finally releases the release date and title of the episodes

One and a half years after the success of the first season, Netflix Gerald de Rivin releases trailer and release date for the sequel to Adventures.

Official release date

Next release for the eighth and final season Game of Thrones, First season The Witcher Came to confirm the public’s deep interest in the imagination, which proves that it is not a passing interest. If there were no mistakes in the first season, it was satisfying in many respects, and we are very impatient to find a sequel to the adventures of Gerald, Jennifer and Siri..

Unfortunately for fans of the adaptation of Andrzej Sabkovsky’s books, Filming for Season 2 is in full swing, thereby delaying its release date. The wait may have been long, but thankfully, the fog is fading because Netflix has announced a release date, during the Witcher Con event, which was co-organized by the streaming platform and Studio CD Project, to whom we owe the popular video -bun trilogy. Therefore, two years after the first season, the appointment is due on December 17, 2021. (As a reminder, this was released on December 20, 2019).

The date was revealed on a beautiful poster, In which Gerald de Reeve and Siri, from behind, can be seen at the top of a hill. In the background, One can see the definitions drawn by the light that appears to be Khair Morhan’s castle, The iconic place of Saga The Witcher, In which Witters resides and trains.

Netflix also had the opportunity to reveal two sexy images, the first showing Siri’s training to Khair Mohan and the second showing Dandelion singing.

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The title of the episodes of Season 2

As it was before the release of Season 1, Netflix uses Witcher Con to reveal the title of the first seven episodes of Season 2 in a teaser.

Can you understand the clues hidden in our Season 2 episode titles? Share your principles! #WitcherCon

July 9, 2021

Can you understand the clues hidden in the titles of the Season 2 episodes? Share your principles!

So the titles are as follows:

  1. The grain of truth
  2. Khair Morhen
  3. What was lost
  4. Redanian intelligence
  5. Turn your back
  6. Dear friend
  7. Volit Mir

As for the eighth episode, the stage has chosen to keep the title secret, In order to avoid any danger to the spoiler. In this eighth and final episode of Season 2 the showrunners will no doubt try to create a surprise, which makes viewers want to watch Season 3 as well. In any case, we can not wait! Do not hesitate to watch the trailer for spin-off. The Witcher: Wolf Nightmare.