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Netflix Download: So you can watch pictures and series offline

Netflix Download: So you can watch pictures and series offline

Without internet

Life without Netflix is ​​now unimaginable for many. What if you don’t have fast internet on the go, on vacation or in your new apartment? No problem, because images and series can be easily downloaded via the Netflix app. We will show you how Netflix download works and how you can view Netflix offline.

Download Netflix on smartphones and tablets

To view pictures and series offline on Netflix, you need the Netflix application. It’s easy on a smartphone or tablet. One Google Playstore As well as im App Store The application is free from Apple. There is also a version of the application for window phones. Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign in to your account and watch movies and movies.

Download Netflix on Windows and Mac

If you see Netflix on your laptop or computer, you are usually using a browser. But images and series cannot be downloaded from it. So if you want to watch Netflix offline, you need a web application. It is available for Windows 8 and 10 via the Microsoft Store. There is no official Netflix application for Mac. Accordingly, the series and images cannot be downloaded in the normal way. However, there are a few diversions, in which the series and images can also be viewed offline on the Mac.

Watch series and movies offline on Netflix: Here’s how

Watching series and movies offline is very easy on all devices with the Netflix app. A download icon begins to download next to an image or series. In the case of the series, both full seasons and individual episodes can be downloaded. Once the download is complete, the downloaded content can be opened offline in the app. They can be found in the Downloads section. Can store up to 100 tracks at a time. However, the downloaded titles are not available indefinitely, but expire after a certain period of time depending on the license.

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If you want to watch MacBook or iMac movies offline, you need to take a more sophisticated approach. There are four ways to view Netflix offline on Mac:

  1. Screen recording of pictures and series.
  2. Transfer downloaded Netflix videos from iPhone / iPod to Mac.
  3. Stream via AirPlay from iPhone or iPod.
  4. Install Windows on Mac.

The first and fourth options are more complex. A screen recording also means that you need to have time to run the entire film or series. Also, keep in mind that although the screen recording is legal, it is not shared.

Netflix Download: How Much Storage Do I Need?

To save the amount of data, it is always a good idea to download via Netflix WiFi. Available storage space should also be taken into account. This is because storage space is required not only for applications but also for personal image and serial files. A series of episodes can take anywhere from 110 to 250 MB, depending on the length and resolution, the length of a movie is 500 MB. To save storage space on the device, it makes sense to delete already watched videos.

Which series to watch next?

Which series to watch next?

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