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Netflix Download per te, la funzione che scarica contenuti consigliati

Netflix download for you, the recommended content download feature

A few years ago Netflix Introduced the function Smart downloads Allow users to watch the next episode of the series, even when they are not at home. Now the company wants to help its members Find new movies and series quickly and easily, even without an internet connection. In fact, The Netflix application version, The function comes Download for yourself. Here is what it is.

On top of that His blog site Netflix He introduced Download for yourself, A new feature Automatically downloads recommended series and movies of your choice on your mobile device. If a user wants a particular type they want to explore, but are faced with a long journey without internet, they think about it Netflix.

“We’ll take care of downloading new impressive and fun titles that suit you, but you always decide how much content to download to your device.”

மா Download How it works for you Per Application Netflix? There are two steps to implement the feature:

  1. Go to the tab Download Tamil On your mobile device and enable the option Download for yourself.
  2. Select the size of the content you want to download (1GB, 3GB or 5GB) To implement. More space available, more suggestions Netflix Download for each user.

for now The feature is only available on Android Including, around the world Italy. The company is also committed to ensuring the testing phase for the application iOS, presto.

We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance our subscribers’ experience on mobile devices, and are excited to make it even easier to discover and watch new movies and TV series.

It should be noted that this function Is different from smart downloads. In fact, the latter downloads automatically, and if implemented in the application, subsequent chapters use an Internet connection compared to the image you are watching. In the case Download for You, Netflix Introduces New Content Downloads, Which can be downloaded even without internet access.

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