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Negrepelisse.  Great Feast 1622: There are still seats

Negrepelisse. Great Feast 1622: There are still seats

At 7 pm on Saturday, June 11, the Great Necropolis 1622 Feast will immerse the city and its citizens in the atmosphere of this dreadful year, which will be the red thread of this Memorial Day. To create this feast, Les Rebன்ஸ்s de Vasselles will be behind the stoves and the menu will be as follows: Pork terrain with walnuts, onion confit, vegetable cake and aromatic herb sauce, beef stew and a cauldron of white ingots and vegetables, seasoned fruit compote, soft , Vanilla shortbread. To attend the banquet, make a reservation with Chandel Masabrad at 06 87 99 74 74 or download the registration form. Ville-

The day starts early in the afternoon with a free guided tour (departure from the fort at 3pm). Inside the castle, an exhibition of religious battles and wooden games will be offered to visitors, as well as equestrian and medieval dances. At 5 pm, a stall will open at the site of the tragic events of June 11, 1622, and then it will be time to sit down to eat and share a moment of comfort with an aperitif provided by the municipality. At night, narrator Olivier de Robert will tell us about our story, taking us back to this mysterious time 400 years ago. Then armed with fireballs, this evening participants will be invited to participate in a torchlight procession around the fort’s ramparts.