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Need for Speed ​​Delayed, Criterion Switches to Battlefield 6 - Sayer Report

Need for Speed ​​Delayed, Criterion Switches to Battlefield 6 – Sayer Report

This is during an interview Our colleagues from the Nintendo Power That Laura Mail, Chief Studio Officer In Electronic Arts, the criterion for growth announced the restructuring of groups Battlefield 6, With dice. “Creating games from home is hard, and the dice teams are a little tired“He declares, so the criterion should be to keep the growth of the next part of Saga Need for speed Waiting, it’s time to finish Battlefield 6. A disgusting situation for the studio? Laura Mail wants to promise: “Along with the criteria, we would never have made such a decision without first discussing it with them. […] They have served on Star Wars: Battlefield, Battlefield, and have a very strong relationship with Dice. I hope it benefits them“The criterion has already given a hand to both DICE Star Wars Battlefront But more Battlefield 5 By creating the mode Royal of War Received baptism Fire storm.

Shortly after announcing the acquisition of the Electronic Arts Codemasters, this restructuring of the criteria groups should be strategic. In fact, the arrival of the motor racing expert is sure to welcome at least one title of this year’s genre in its fold. F1 2021. Electronic Arts therefore wants to assure fans of two licenses: they are not at risk in any way, mainly because it is difficult to carry out a project ambitiously and complexly Battlefield 6 It prompted the publisher to make this decision in the wake of the health crisis. “Video games are one of the most sophisticated and sophisticated forms of media out there, and require creativity and communication among members of the development team.Laura Mail continues.Fatigue and tiredness, I think you know working from home. All of this can only be explained by family responsibilities; Some people take care of their children at home while working. So our productivity is not so high, and creative connection and creative energy are not so important when working at home.“.

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We therefore hope that the strengthening of the criteria will liberate the dice teams and its growth Battlefield 6 Restarting to the next Need for speed Are made under the best conditions. First, the PC, PS5 and Xbox series are still waiting for the end of this year. Second, it needs to be patient as Electronic Arts has already announced that its release will be delayed until 2022, which will not prevent the older generation from being released on PlayStation and Xbox. One other than the new one.

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