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Naughty Dog The Lost Of S2 - Nerdu 4. Life Will Work In The New PS5 Game After

Naughty Dog The Lost Of S2 – Nerdu 4. Life Will Work In The New PS5 Game After

That Naughty dog Not with his hands after the release of The Lost of S2. The California studio was already working on something other than multiplayer components Our last 2 Or his PS5 connection is not so clear. However, if you look at the center profile of some prominent naughty dog ​​figures like Vineet Agarwal and Richard Gambier, the studio is already a New game for PS5.

While we’re still waiting for information about The Lost of S2’s multiplayer chat, Neil Truckman is working with HBO on a TV series dedicated to the universe of Joel and Ellie, the naughty dog ​​already The next project. A plan, it seems to be Vinith Agarwal e Richard Gambier As key figures.

Both, in fact, recently updated their profile Center. Here we find out that in September they both switched from the role of lead designer to co-director of sports. However, what the game is is not yet known. In the past, one such move has allowed Kurt Markeno to co-direct The Last of S Part 2 in support of Neil Truckman, along with Unchard: The Last Legacy with Shawn Escake and Anthony Newman. Marcono.

Others with them Players A promotion: We talk about Maxim Zhuravlov, who was hired as the primary animator, Michael Mack, who became the lead animator, and Max Dykoff, who was hired as the lead AI engineer.

According to rumors, all these commercials coincided with the launch of the studio’s new project, which will begin its journey with its players. The main characters. In January, the naughty dog ​​had more than 400 employees: therefore, it is not surprising that fresh in the pot is boiled.

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