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NASA is investigating a ball of wire on Mars

NASA is investigating a ball of wire on Mars

The object, photographed by NASA’s rover on July 12, is said to be debris from the device that allowed it to land.

This is a strange discovery made by the Perseverance rover on Mars. No, it’s not about little green men, let alone Matt Damon, but about a bundle of string lying on the floor of the red planet.

The unusual object was photographed by NASA’s rover camera on July 12. The quality of the shot, especially relayed CNNNot optimal and may resemble spaghetti at first glance.

However, U.S. space agency officials said it was part of a string that escaped Perseverance when it landed. It could come from the rover, the device that allowed it to land safely on Mars in 2020, a spokesperson for the space agency said.

Not the first litter to be discovered

The area where the string was found has not yet been explored by the rover. To this strange question, the speaker presents the hypothesis of wind, which may have carried the piece of string to this place. A few days after this discovery, Diligence returned to the place where the object was found, but it had disappeared. However, the team working on the rover will try to analyze images of the debris and plan to contact it later this week.

However, this is not the first time that the rover has found remnants from its landing on Mars. An aluminum plate used to control the temperature of the lander was photographed by Perseverance last June.