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Mundown: The fourth video behind the scenes leads to the Horror Hotel

Mundown: The fourth video behind the scenes leads to the Horror Hotel

In the fourth behind-the-scenes video for the horror game Mundown, viewers learn that the Mundown Hotel does not pay homage to The Shining in any way. It really is – it may be demonic. The atmosphere that inspired one-man developer Michael Ziegler to create Mundana is obvious.

Available on Mundon PC and console on March 16th, now available for download Steam Added to wishlist. Additional behind-the-scenes videos will be released every two weeks until launch.

Hidden Fields, a studio by Swiss programmer and draftsman Michael Ziegler, will be released on March 16, 2021 for the hand-drawn horror game Mundan, PC and Consoles. Mundown is a survival horror game set in the dark side of the Alps. A young man named Curtin visits the village of Mundaun to find out more about his grandfather’s death, and discovers that something terrible is haunting the townspeople. On the journey through Mundavun, the soldiers solve tricky puzzles and learn more about the village. It is better to avoid encountering dark people who are naughty in the village: when the fear increases, the so-called “cause and effect” is triggered, which makes it difficult for the soldiers to look at themselves in dangerous situations.

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