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Multisport Smartwatch for Multi 800

Multisport Smartwatch for Multi 800

With Enduro, Garmin has introduced a new smartwatch for athletes.

Refreshing breaks can be recorded

With the new smartwatch Enduro, Garmin is once again targeting athletes. Thanks to the multisport functions, it is especially designed to meet the needs of endurance athletes.

With the new Ultra Run function, intervals at refresh stations can be recorded using the LAP button and then evaluated in the Garmin Connect app. Another new feature is that the VO2max Trail Run calculates the cardiovascular exercise level of trail runners, taking into account the different terrain and terrain conditions that can affect running performance. Displays detailed information about upcoming climbs including Climbpro function, slope, distance and altitude gain, which is available downhill in path running mode.

Garmin Enduro is now available in two versions starting with version 799.99.

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