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MTP Mac - |  BMC offers new gravel, URS LT

MTP Mac – | BMC offers new gravel, URS LT

[Comunicato stampa] Grensen, Switzerland, PMC The Swiss Gravel range thanks to the updated suspension and diversity and functionality that differentiate each model in the range with the bike designed to suit any terrain and riding environment. URS.

In its first season URS 01 explored the deserts of Jordan, competed in the most hidden corners of Europe and was hailed by professionals for its innovation status. The now-updated URS LT (Long Ride) combines hydraulic dumping and integrated spring-loaded front suspension with lock-out to confirm BMC’s ambition to take the gravel driving experience to the next level. Adds a high-performance fork dedicated to the use of gravel to preserve the unique image of URS 01, ”says Stefano Jennoli, BMC Product Marketing Manager.

In a discipline that often transcends boundaries, more and more enthusiasts are demanding bikes with multifaceted qualities. Adaptation and versatility are the basis of the URS LT design and translate into a series of technical features: customizable suspensions and a wide range of stock adjustments, compatibility with 1x mechanical and electronic transmissions, internal cable routing to the dropper post and dynamo, support for pipe mounting parts and down Character and so on. In light of the adventures ahead, the premium carbon frame features PMC’s Crawl + Geometric 70 ° head angle. This geometry takes its note from the world of mountain biking: the high open head angle, long upper hull and short shaft provide the highest stability at high speeds and the most responsive steering wheel to suit the associated riding style. .

Ability to review

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Modern gravel bikes depend heavily on the size and pressure of the tires to ensure traction and comfort, leading to continuous compromises: puncture and hazardous performance in the event of very low pressures; Bikes are difficult to control or can be uncomfortable on uneven surfaces if there is high pressure.

Together with Hyride, a pioneer in adaptive suspension technology and integration, BMC engineers have developed a new MTD suspension fork with 20mm coil spring travel. To fill this gap, this innovative fork with hydraulic cartridge allows optimal tire pressures, while at the same time significantly enhancing the bike’s capabilities on all surfaces.

The design of the MTD suspension fork maintains the proven geometry of the fork by inserting a reliable and detailed suspension system into the head tube with a suspension bend suitable for crawling. What else? Pre-load the full lock-out, three different spring stiffeners and spacers for sleek tuning. There is also a 4cm stack adjustment on the steering wheel for level optimization.

In short-stroke applications, the coil suspension offers several advantages, such as higher sensitivity and light impacts during the first stage of the trip (regular view on gravel roads and terrain).

Off-road as required) when responsive and soft under medium heavy impacts. This is no penalty for a simple and durable design that requires low weight maintenance, and unlike short-stroke suspension with low air springs, spiral springs prevent overheating over long descents. Is this the best thing? Integrating the suspension on the steering wheel maintains minimal aesthetics on the fork.

Every trip is a moment to enjoy

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The URS LT Dynamo has an optional cable routing, which means there are no limits to better lighting or power supply – after all, the Dynamo Lighting battery does not run out when you are 2,000 km away in the Atlas Mountains. The sun had set. Are your legs too tired to step on? PMC’s highly tuned concept technology with extraordinary circumstance, especially when the bike is fitted with DCC Gravel. This is achieved by a unique carbon system, a T-shape seat post and a proven rear suspension system based on the MTD Stace, Excel elastomer. The 10mm travel and dual guide design enhances traction and control over the technical landscape in a lightweight, reliable and seamless integrated design.

The URS LT retains some of the proven features from its predecessor: 180/160mm flat-mounted discs for powerful braking, integrated protection on tires up to 700 × 45mm, fork, down tube and chain, overhead attachment (for mounting pockets) or other accessories ), Integrated defender with rear wheel splash protection and luggage racks and fenders.

URS LT is ready to learn as a pioneer. Unrestricted is not just a slogan; The principle behind the design is that it presupposes your future.

The URS LT is available in four sizes (S, M, L and XL) and in two models: the URS LT ONE (7’999 euros) and the URS LT TWO (5’999 euros). Both bikes are now available in stores.