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More than three billion emails and passwords were stolen and then uploaded: Find out if you're worried

More than three billion emails and passwords were stolen and then uploaded: Find out if you’re worried

Historical leak of data stolen from Gmail, Hotmail, Center and Netflix users. A site allows you to check if you are worried.

PGR, a technical information platform, already sees this as the “mother of all leaks”. One of the world’s largest stolen databases, known as the “comb” (set of multiple breaches), has been placed online with billions of confidential information, completely illegally shared, he said. We learned on Friday, February 12th.

One file contains more than 3.2 billion emails and passwords from accounts stolen in recent cyber attacks against web companies such as Gmail and Hotmail.

By 2021 we will find the identifiers of the leaked 117 million Center accounts and multiple access to the Netflix video site. Capital. “Some of your data will definitely be taken into account in this shortcoming,” PGR said.

Basically, 15 billion accounts were hacked

This file, which some viewers describe as “the largest collection of stolen link data ever shared online” is not the result of a data theft. Its authors have integrated personal data from various hacks and made them more accessible.

According to CyberNews, hackers have less than 15.2 billion hacked accounts and more than 2.5 billion personal emails. This technology magazine has a search engine that compiles these various leaks online Allows anyone who wants to check if their account is leaked On display on canvas. The interface indicates to the Internet user if his email is concerned about massive data theft.

However, IT professionals recommend changing their various passwords quickly and setting up two-factor access to email accounts to ensure their security.

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