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More than 96% of Apple users block Facebook tracking

Facebook’s dream of losing Apple users has come true as many have not agreed to monitor the licensing on iOS 14.5. Apple’s two-week usage monitoring transparency policy has hit Facebook and similar companies hard. This allows users to choose whether or not to monitor, as only 4% are selected in the United States.

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Unlock Social Networking-Site Facebook He has long supported Apple’s new application tracking transparency policy, which underestimates small businesses that rely on targeted advertising. This upgrades Apple users to iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, giving them the option of not tracking the apps they use.

Appstore developers are forced to inform users about the permissions requirements they want to access: b. Website, microphone, cookies, etc. While some applications require some permissions to operate, they are not limited to what everyone needs. Facebook will usually monitor more details about users than is necessary to better understand them.

It can be tempting at times When Signal posted a picture of her on Instagram. So, many people will choose not to attend if they know. Apple provides them with the tools to do just that. IOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 have a tweak of the settings to disable all permissions granted to the app, or a user can configure them individually.

It turns out that it is worse or worse on Facebook. Flurry’s latest statsAccording to Verizon-based analytics firm, 96% of Apple users in the US have disabled Facebook app tracking! It did so within two weeks of the launch of iOS 14.5.

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Facebook urges users to allow certain permissions Intimidation practicesIt did not work. Globally the number of people who avoid surveillance is 12%, which is even worse and worse.