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Mon Petit Placement

Mon Petit Job Opportunity: A New Solution for Online Investment Success

Invest your savings 100% online and up to 300? This is possible and the French start-up Mon Petit Placement offers itself, which sets itself a simple task: make the investment accessible to all. Find their solution.

The more time passes, the less attractive savings accounts will be in terms of revenue. In one year, more than 200 billion euros have been saved by the French in the midst of an epidemic. Livert A, which pays very little, is a natural imperative, and the remaining investment possibilities are often difficult to understand.

Based on this observation, the French Fintech My little job opportunity Provides a solution that makes it possible to invest very simply, but above all J.P. Access to products reserved for the wealthy, such as Morgan, Pickett or Lazard.

The real strength of Mon Petit employment? It is not necessary to invest tens of thousands of euros to access the best investment. The startup offers customized solutions across four portfolios of selected financial products, with an investment of € 300.

Each financial product is selected by asset management experts. Depending on your profile, you can choose medium income or moderate risk with more aggressive solutions and higher return rates. Again, no nonsense, portfolios are simply categorized and you can diversify your savings in just a few clicks.

Mon Petit Placement also offers investment options by theme according to your preferences. You can choose the place that suits you from technology to health, environment or employment!

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Investing has never been so easy

The platform is simple and accessible from everywhere. The first step, the registration, takes only a few minutes. Everything is done online and once the form is completed the experts will be able to identify your investor profile and offer you the most suitable solution.

To further simplify your options, Mon Petit Job offers you free tailor advice with customized video or call to explain the best investment strategy according to your profile.

Once invested, the online dashboard allows you to easily track the status of your investment on a daily basis. Obviously, the site is secure and your personal and bank data are fully protected. The Monte Petit employment contract is backed by major French insurers General and Apache.

With an increasingly important customer base, Mon Petit Placement has also built its customer service. Team accessible and responsive. So if you have any questions you can contact them via phone, email or integrated chat.

Another important thing is that the money you have invested is not blocked. You can withdraw your savings at any time, but you can also change the portfolio to change the risk. All at no cost.

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To fund its growth, Fintech has opted for transparency. Entry and exit fees are 0, and Mon Petit is paid only by placement performance. Simply put, if your investment is successful, so is the site. Otherwise, Mon Petit Placement will not charge you any commission.

In addition, we have found a very favorable offer for you, which is reserved only for readers of the Journal to Geek. By using the promo code GEEK when registering, You are entitled to a 30% reduction in commission deducted from life and performance! To find Mon Petit job placement offers, click here:

Find my small investment

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This article is provided by Mon Petit Placement. It was co-produced by a dedicated team independent of the editorial staff of the Journal to Geek.