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Mode - How to play with 100 players by downloading HIDC

Mode – How to play with 100 players by downloading HIDC

One of the most popular topics among us One of the best games to watch on Twitch. To make it easier to see why politicians are involved, the game is far better in its basic form as an experience of regression, lies and masks of pure innocence, but now a lot of people are asking how to play between us with 100 players. Although it is not highly recommended, you will find here how to download and install the mod.

As mentioned earlier, it was an incredibly popular experience among us, similar to The Monday. Some players want to know How to get cheat all the time, Enjoy a basic experience where a cheater is random and players need to figure out who it is.

While the above prototype causes a lot of tension and suspense, some players want to learn how to play with 100 players and turn the experience into an incredible mess.

How to play with 100 players among us

You can play with us with 100 players on your computer by downloading the mod created by Soxfor 1.

The ability to play with 100 players among us can be earned by adding to this Soxfor 1 Discord, Or you can download the mod without joining any other social media sites.

If you do not want to join another social media site or group, you can download the mod Here (Via Fanboy attack).

For those of you who want to join the official Discord of Sockfor 1 to get 100 Player Mode with us, you should know that there is a condition you have to meet.

To get the mod, you need to reach level 5 on the Descart server, which will give you access and tutorial.

How To Install 100 Players Mode Among Us

Follow these steps to install 100 Player Mode with us:

  • Open Steam and right click between us
  • Select Manage and browse for local files
  • Copy the contents of the CodeIsNotAmongUs zip file to our folder

Must have the ability to play between us with 100 players if all of the above are followed.

You should be aware that downloading and installing the mod can ruin the basic experience between us with errors and other issues.

If you want to repair any damage done by the mod or want to return to the basic experience, you need to reinstall the game.

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