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'Mobile Legends' has been downloaded 1 billion times

‘Mobile Legends’ has been downloaded 1 billion times

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Climbed to the top of the best mobile apps.

That’s right: Defender Moonton says that Warrior on the popular mobile arena has been downloaded more than 1 billion times worldwide. It puts in the rare air of apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Dictoc and YouTube, which also has download numbers in the billions.

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To celebrate, Moonton releases a series of commercials under the banner “100th Hero, 1 Billion Dreams”. This will give up the 100th hero of the game, Benedetta, from November 7 until November 8, when you sign up for the game.

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Benedetta is a killer character who specializes in keeping your opponents out of balance and going out. Her skills will slow down the enemy.

The series of events under the Benedetta Challenge will hollow out all the stars M.L. Players and M.L. devs themselves.

Moondon also asks people to post their creative photos as their favorite heroes for a chance to win the skin of Guinea’s “enchanted dance”.

Mobile legends Released four years ago, but it reached significant mass this year. In 2019, user spending on the mobile game reached $ 214.1 million, an increase of 36 percent per year. But it opened 2020 with just 231 million downloads, According to data from the sensor tower of the application analysis company. (Note that in Censor Tower’s 2020 list of best downloaded apps, they only use data from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Mobile legends There may also be significant downloads from other third-party utility stores.) As COVID-19 is forced into the home, gaming companies have seen a decline during these epidemics, but 2020 seems to be much better for the moon.

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