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MIST, an app to easily download older macOS

MIST, an app to easily download older macOS

How do I (re)download an older version of macOS? Depending on your knowledge and the version you are looking for, there are many possibilities. Even if we go through the Mac App Store, the search does not return any results, we have to use Links given here Land directly on computer sheets. Let’s go to either side Downloads from the Apple site. One, in detail Diary of a RabbitWe use A script Designed for computer administrators.

But recently there is a new, more user-friendly solution. application the fog Lists multiple versions of macOS and lets you download them with a single click. Versions prior to MacOS 10.13 High Sierra.

the fog

For versions compatible with the Apple Silicon architecture (Big Sur and Monterey), you can choose between a “raw” .ipsw file or an installer. The application chooses the type of installer: application, disk image (used for virtualization), ISO, or package. During the download, MIST is responsible for checking the integrity of the file.

Although it is numbered “0.2”, the application is already well thought out and very complete. It can automatically retry the download if it fails and allows you to customize the name of the downloaded files. You can show or hide betas of computers as well as filter which versions are compatible with your Mac. For members Seed SchemeIt is even possible to specify the table’s URL in the settings for these versions to appear in the application.

Created by Dropbox Engineer, Nindi GillMIST is free and Open source.

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