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Miracle World DX - In the news we will meet Alex Kid on June 24th

Miracle World DX – In the news we will meet Alex Kid on June 24th

In nostalgic discussions on the topic “My first video game“, Alex Kid in the Miracle World A name well packed in the thirties, if not more side-by-side with Nintendo than the master system. According to the model, the 8-bit Sega automatically integrated this platform game, the difficulty of which turned out to be the worst candidate for the introduction of video games. For over 30 years, Combined Games and JonKende have provided us with a very flexible grip on this re-reading, which takes on all levels of the original game, but also includes its own creations.

Comparing old and new is possible when you press a button to switch to retro mode. Rock-paper-scissor-based bass fights will definitely come back, but new conflicts are also a part of the game and we know they can be played back in instant mode The boss is in a hurry. On the music page, there will be remodeled tracks with the original melodies of Seka’s pioneer composer Tokuhiko Wapabo.

Notice that there are physical copies in Signature version game It provides a standard version and a collector’s version filled with inconsistencies and results on all consoles. These editions will also be distributed to regular brands For games.

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