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Minisforum Cammini: Open chassis Raison 5 5600X and Radeon RX6700XD

Image: Minisforum

The Minisforum Cammini is a mini PC with an AMD Raison 5 5600X (tested) and a Radeon RX6700XD (tested) with a small track in an open chassis. Visually, the compact gaming PC is reminiscent of an open benchtable with its upward facing attachments in the I / O area.

Gaming-PC drift benchtable

Although the China-based manufacturer presents the Cammini as a fully-fledged gaming system, it is essentially a uniquely fitted phone in the popular mini-IDX format. The configuration provided by Minisforum is based on the Gigabyte P550 Aras Pro AX, which includes the Verizon variant Raison 5 and the Gigabyte Radeon RX6700XD gaming OC.

The company has already released the first video of the minimal gaming PC via the short news service Twitter.

Although the CPU and mainboard are installed in a relatively “classic” manner, the graphics card is staged with the help of a riser card in the back of the open house.

Additionally, 32GB DTR 4-3200 from Kingston from the HyperX series and 1TB PCIE SST in M2 format are used. The Silverstone SX650-G takes care of the power supply with a nominal output of 650 watts and 80 plus gold certification.

However, the Minis Forum has not yet commented on Cammini’s prices and global availability.

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