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Minecraft Dungeons adds cross-platform multiplayer in its latest update

Minecraft Dungeons adds cross-platform multiplayer in its latest update

Update [Wed 18th Nov, 2020 03:30 GMT]: Cross-stage play is now available in Minecraft dungeons, here are the full link tips Official game site: – November 17, 2020

Cross-stage play:

– Stay connected with friends across consoles and PC! Create and battle a multiplatform alliance with the new cross-platform free game update for Minecraft Dungeons now available. This update allows cross-platform multiplayer across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Windows, Windows and Xbox

– See article Multiplayer and cross-platform play Full scoop!

– Make sure your game version is updated to version or later before playing multiplayer.

Original article [Thu 12th Nov, 2020 06:30 GMT]: Since its release Minecraft dungeons, Mojang has promised to add cross-platform multiplayer to the gaming community so people of all backgrounds can play together. Now, on November 17th, the heroes on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will be able to team up with each other.

“Heroes, are you listening?

Following this is brand new Howling Peaks DLC And season pass in December. There will also be some extra free content on the page – Apocalypse Plus (which adds 20 new difficulties, increases the power ceiling of the characters, and adds new spells and items).

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