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Un jeu Mighty Doom arrive bientôt sur mobile

Mighty Doom game coming to mobile soon

The word “doom” must mean something to you, I’m not talking about cinema. Doom was the first video game to land on a computer almost 30 years ago. Although it is accessible on all platforms, this FPS creation is not complete. The Mighty Doom game is coming to mobile soon.

Well, I think this site is to say that everything that is missing Doom is really everywhere. This is not very true because already, on mobile, Doom titles like the original But here we are talking about a new game. Titled Mighty Doom, this new Opus will play for free on mobile. The formula is a little different, but we find elements of this well-known claim.

Already, according to an existing file in the Google Store, the IT software is the studio that created the title. Then, we will see many levels, all kinds of monsters, bosses to defeat but only one man with the weapons to carry out a real massacre.

I thought the formula would be a little different. Let me describe. In the chapters you know, everything is run from the first person. In Mighty Doom, Doom Slayer is visible. In fact, the title is third party (DPS) and related.

Then, as you can see from the trailer, the monsters are a little less. This is a miniature version of the Doomsday as we know it.

Unfortunately, though Available at the Mighty Doom store, It is not yet possible to download it. The reference to “early access” still indicates that some people were able to install and test it on their mobile (more than 1000 depending on the store). For others, it may be patience (a little?).

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We can also find that the game offers purchases, often acquiring new weapons or developing them quickly.

The game gets strong, so we can test it and see what its value is.

In the meantime, have fun !!