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Microsoft Teams en visioconférence

Microsoft teams are packed with new features

Over the course of a year, Microsoft teams have become an essential tool for many companies and are now a part of the daily lives of millions of employees. The technology company has no plans to stop there, having recently introduced its new webinar feature.

This allows you to organize interactive meetings. Unlike traditional team meetings, the number of participants is very high, so we are close to the company’s seminar or big conference. Thus the teams will support 1,000 participants, and these could reach 10,000 (20,000 by the end of 2021) by choosing the distribution method to read only.

Microsoft teams now provide final-to-final encryption

In addition to these interesting hosting capabilities, Webinars offer a variety of presentation options for the organizer. In particular, he can disable chat and video of participants. After the event, reports will be provided to provide updates.

Microsoft has also thought about the compatibility of the teams, and can integrate existing webinar software into the joint platform. Opportunity to reduce the number of tools used and bring users to its service.

Finally, Redmond has further stated about the teams provider mode, which will be used soon. Hosts can use PowerPoint Live’s teams in particular, making it possible to display slides of its popular software, but also notes and crowd chat. Users are not forgotten, so they can better customize the video stream.

Also note that in March, the teleworking site decided to offer Final to final encryption, Good news for privacy. As a reminder, Microsoft recently revealed that teams are counting 145 million active users daily. This is an increase of 26% compared to the last announcement dated October 2020. Growth has been stagnant since the onset of the epidemic, with only 32 million at the beginning of 2020.