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Microsoft reduces Microsoft Store commission to 12% for PC game developers

Microsoft reduces Microsoft Store commission to 12% for PC game developers

Taking the example of what Epic Games has been doing in its store since December 2018, Microsoft announces that it will no longer be 30%, but 12% of the revenue generated by game sales and additional content sold in its Microsoft Store. This change only applies to PC games and not to Xbox console games. This change will take effect on August 1st, so PC Game developers will receive 88% of their net income today against 70% of the works offered in the Microsoft Store.

Led by its CEO Tim Sweeney, when launching the Epic Sports Store in December 2018, punching 30% of revenue on the platforms was actively shaken for the first time. Consistent with this strategy, Valve somewhat relaxed the economic policy of steam in this process. When Valve takes a default 30% commission, it drops to 25% of revenue over $ 10 million and 20% for games over $ 50 million. On the mobile side, Apple and Google have responded to criticism in another way, slashing commissions for small games by 15% with sales of less than $ 1 million.

So Microsoft puts a little water in its wine, and instead of betting all about the success of its PC games (let’s quote Hollow Master Head Collection, The sea of ​​thieves, Forza Horizon4 Or Age 2 and 3 Limited Edition of Empires) Meeting on Steam shows that it has not given up on transforming its Microsoft Store into something more attractive and competitive. From this point on, Xbox GamePass subscribers can benefit from their list of PC games through this site (and not Steam).

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Thanks to the cloud, we will have access to console gaming on more and more computers. Although not intended to replace PC gaming, Xbox Cloud Gaming allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play more than 100 console games on a wide variety of computers, from the most accessible machines to the most capable. These games are out of date. For lack of power“, Microsoft recalls.