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Microsoft is definitely killing the version of the Edge that no one uses

Microsoft will no longer create security updates for its Edge browser. We are talking about the first version now called Legacy Edge, not the Chromium version released in early 2020.

This was a promise made by Microsoft, and it is being kept: Redmond has discontinued support for its first version, the Edge browser, now called Legacy Edge. It is therefore advisable to use the new version based on chromium (the icon is a small blue and green wave, while the old version is denoted by blue e). Do not panic if you are new to computer, You have not used the old iteration for a long time. Microsoft has done everything to make the transition easier.

At the very least, the history of the Edge browser is complicated. In 2015, Microsoft introduced Windows 10. This OS is equipped with the new software Edge, which has the difficult task of converting to Internet Explorer. However, mayonnaise is not set and is excluded by Edge users. In 2020, Microsoft Designing a new browser, This method is based on chromium, I.e., the same engine as Chrome. Faster, it is compatible with Google Browser extensions. This new version also adopts the name Edge, which may have lost some. To distinguish itself, the older version was renamed the Edge Legacy.

Edge was automatically removed from Windows 10

Since then, Microsoft has done everything To impose the new edge in favor of the old, for example by installing it automatically on Windows Putting it in the default browser. So you already have a good chance of using it, maybe without knowing it.

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To avoid any confusion in the future, Microsoft has already announced Than this version Legacy will be automatically removed from all Windows systems in April Next thanks for the annual update. If for some reason the Chromium version is not yet installed on your computer, it will automatically replace this old, now obsolete iteration.

The new Edge is being pushed on all platforms by Microsoft because it is now available on mobiles, but also on the new Xbox Series X and S. It was used on machines a few days ago.