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Microsoft is a surprise to anyone who owns an Xbox 360

Nostalgia is an ugly beast but this time Microsoft has decided not to play with our emotions and you have good news if you have Xbox 360 in your gaming life.

Microsoft has a surprise for Xbox 360 (Microsoft photo) holders

When we explain to you what it is, some of you will surely raise your eyes to the sky but for many including us it is a small gift Respect, Respect for their history and veterans.

Because if you have one Xbox 360 One thing you are definitely trying to do is change Incarnation Of your account. Maybe you have too Purchased Then, first via the Xbox One and then via the Xbox X / S series, you wanted to take it with you but You lost it along the way. Good news is coming through the account from Twitter Eden Marie, Microsoft Engineering Lead Who declared the problem resolved.

Back to the Xbox 360 with Microsoft, Gamerpix

Microsoft is a surprise to anyone who owns an Xbox 360
Microsoft is a surprise to anyone who owns an Xbox 360 (Photo: Twitter)

Nowadays with the Xbox 360, you can customize your game avatar in many ways. You may have chosen one of them Standard Or To buy Oh Success A game of your favorite sport. With the change of consoles, the way Xbox Gamerpix handles has changed, and if you decide to change your profile picture before moving on to the next generation of consoles you will notice You can no longer find your favorite map.

Also in the transition from Xbox 360 to Xbox One a Increase In Resolution Even the game avatars that turned Gamerpix into little brands. And then that announcement Mary He effectively opened the gates of nostalgia for many players through Twitter. Also, and this section is in the comments for his tweet, many continued Use the same camberics by switching between consoles But many have decided to change it. Knowing now that it is possible to get the old 360 incarnations back and keep them in good condition made a lot of players go back in time.

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For now this is a change that will affect owners Xbox Series X. Are in the group Skip the alpha insider So this is a change and it will go to everyone’s consoles later. What you need to do if you are part of the Insider team and want to recall your Xbox 360 Camper Run again The old glory, making sure your camphor is what you need and change, explains Microsoft’s engineering lead, automatically switching to the new console.

We would like to thank another Twitter user for this update, who asked someone to solve his Camarbig problem, by passing on the Xbox One and then the latest generation Xbox Small writing And invisible. Mary took this matter to heart And he gradually updated everyone about the work he was trying to do to solve this player’s problem, which we imagine will affect many.

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Is this really the change that is needed? This may seem like a waste of time to the most cynical, but in our opinion it demonstrates just how low it is for players to have someone behind a payment machine who cares about it. Small details. Details regardless of the soul of any community.