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Microsoft has released its new design

Skype will soon see major updates to improve its design. Zoom and new features that captivate users during the period when groups showed their superiority.

Skype is not dead. While the software is smartly set aside in Windows 11 in support of the Chat application, it tries to show that it has some new updates on its stomach. There is a panel on the back of the app He actually put forward innovations.

One of the big news The total change of the meeting instrument is called the call level. As you can see, we are now approaching a tool like Zoom or Zoom with large windows that appear whether users have video or not. The chat window, on the right, is always the case. You can change the layout of the windows or cut the video of the participants leaving only the audio, it is best if you use your data.

Skype wants to modernize its design

The teams behind Skype say they need to be familiar with it, But completely modernize the look of their software. To that end, small additions such as animations for calls and color backgrounds or avatars will be made if you do not have a camera.

New themes are also available, Change the color of your text, Or the appearance of new icons. In short, a number of tweaks will be available in the coming weeks on all platforms and browsers. A salutary facelift is much older than a Skype competition. The last redesign was in 2020.

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Skype is a dinosaur in the small world of communication applications. Allowed the epidemic to escalate New fluids and high-capacity tools, Such as zoom or groups. Windows 11, the new Microsoft OS, will be fully integrated into the most flexible and operating system, leaving this good old Skype to be reviewed in the chat application. However, Skype will not disappear because it can be downloaded via the official site.

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