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Microsoft gives a new reason to download Windows 11 (but is it worth it?)

By now, you may have already decided that Windows 11 is right for you. You may have already been moved by the amazing beauty of its resemblance to MacOS. And its new wallpaper … so beautiful.

You may have had the opportunity to learn some of the philosophical basics of Windows 11 design provided by the creators who work at Microsoft. For example: “We looked at the Microsoft logo and changed it to blue”.

But, like most major brands, Microsoft had to add an argument to understand why Windows 11 is a worthy successor to Windows 10.

Called the Windows 11 Anthem Business, this art collection has been airing for a few weeks now.

I agree that I do not want to react immediately. I wanted to taste it, feast on its nuances and consider its place in aesthetic history. But now I am ready to share my final reaction. Who, basically, “WTF?” “

A woman opens her laptop and starts the movie with Windows 11’s new central start menu. It immediately knocks her down. Can’t stand the frustration like many Windows users.

However, she is stepping into the world of Windows application icons. Everything seems completely normal to her. She happily taps the game boss icon and immediately enjoys shooting a man pulling a huge pasukka flying in the desert.

If this is a reference to contemporary history, I do not know if everyone will get it for sure. If it is only to entertain the players, it is an absolute victory. Unfortunately, our heroine disappeared into the quicksand. Is this a reference to the internet? It is possible. Because she finds herself floating on a beautifully decorated bookshelf, where little birds soar and emails float in the water.

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Then she finds a man who is training to dance across a wall.

“What does all this mean?” You may be asking yourself that. “

The news is in the last pictures. The ultimate reason for downloading Windows 11 is that it “gets closer to what you want.”

I had been thinking for two weeks. And I still don’t know what this means. You can appreciate that Microsoft has spent a lot of money on advertising that does not feature much revolutions (like Windows 11). We can appreciate that it was meticulously prepared.

But how does Windows 11 approach your favorite? My first impression is that he is fast, maybe. Also, at least superficially, very, very beautiful. But do users really feel close to their games or email?

I searched for Microsoft’s rationality in its YouTube post. I read: “Introducing the new Windows 11: A new way to enjoy your computer. It doesn’t get you close to the tools you need, it gets closer to everything you want.”

I love my wife, my football team and my detective stories. But I think Windows 11 will not come close to us. So the request sounds a little crazy.

Microsoft says, “With new and advanced features that help you organize in the blink of an eye. Follow your favorite news, weather and events. Connect instantly with anyone, anywhere, or access the latest apps and games on your computer.” ?

In an attempt to understand, I went to the Microsoft site, where I was told that Windows 11 had given me: “All your favorite content.” All in one place. “I was looking forward to it. And, ‘Connect instantly with anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

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However, with Microsoft Windows 11, the chat function has been completely redesigned to provide instant access to calls, chat, text, and video from your taskbar – with a simple click and you’re ready to connect. The end result? Windows 11 makes it easy to talk to your favorite people.

The end result is that all of this sounds like the announcement of the Apple iPhone 13. Worry more about the relatively small.

That game pass icon reads, “You can play over a hundred high-end PC games, including early releases of Xbox Game Studios, iconic Bethesda Games, blockbusters and indie games.”

You have to click again to know it, oh, sold separately.

Please do not feel negative about this sensation in Windows 11.