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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Hotfix fixes crashes on PC and Xbox

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Hotfix fixes crashes on PC and Xbox

SIM Update 5 Introduction and Xbox Series X | S version release Flight simulator Microsoft seems to have caused some issues with fixing with unplanned hotfix. This link will be available for download from 5pm today.

If the success of a new game is measured in terms of server load, it may be the first few days Flight Simulator-ConsolonBorderierung Microsoft went particularly well. For the first time, virtual entertainment pilots brought Redmond-based servers to their knees. Meanwhile after overcoming the skills, various tooth brushing problems have developed, especially from the parallel Xbox Series X-Edition The released SIM update 5 should go out. Asobo Studio has announced another hotfix for this purpose.

Among other things, work is being done on sustainability and performance. Players report frequent computer crashes in the game and when using the world map. Once developed offline there should also be issues with intelligent AI traffic. When connecting external input devices, the game currently freezes for a long time. Apart from these bugs, the developers finally fix minor bugs in areas like weather, games, user interface and navigation.

If you haven’t tried Flight Simulator for Windows PCs, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S yet, here’s an easy way to do it. Xbox Game Boss Offer new customers to do Redmond Continue to offer the first month of gaming flat rate per euro.

Release Notes: Microsoft Flight Simulator-Hotfix Vom 30. July 2021

Consistency and performance

  • Fixed various malfunctions in the game and world map
  • Fixed malfunctions related to offline AI traffic
  • Minor memory leaks fixed



  • Fixed an incorrect flight plan for Garmin’s devices when inserting a lane into the track as a destination
  • Flight scheduling is not reset when switching from one function to another
  • If the VFR map opens after the destination is set, the flight attendant’s flight plan will not be displayed for the specific aircraft
  • Fixed the flight attendant freezing when entering the new destination

User Interface (UI)

  • VR options can no longer be copied in the custom menu
  • Available in the Marketplace & Download and Download buttons now work as expected on the content page
  • In some cases, while on a free flight, the user is unable to interact with the cursor in the game with UI elements


  • Improvements in the standard bit system to correct height measurement errors, improve accuracy and accurately simulate the impact of temperature
  • Corrected the behavior of the auto brakes button on the Airbus A320 Neo

Activities and Games

  • The right runway for the challenge of landing in Nice is now being taken into account
  • The pilots are now shown in the outdoor view of the landing challenge at Isafjordur
  • Header stops responding when using fuel delivery and when using fuel or payload as numeric value via ATC Ground Services.
  • Some achievements are no longer misrepresented in some landing scenes.


  • Constant large temperature peaks at high altitudes

Flight Simulator at the Microsoft Store Buy from. 69.99 or via Xbox GamePass

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