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Microsoft finally updates pre-Windows 95 Windows icons

Digging in Windows 10 is almost a journey. You can still see the visual elements coming from Windows 95. Precisely, Microsoft wants to bring more stability to its operating system. Here is another one of the changes we look forward to at the end of this year.

Little by little, Windows 10 gets a product. It goes with many, many updates, more or less. Recently, we were able to find out Sun Fence : Edited by Banos Banai, Microsoft is making a major update to Windows 10 codenamed SunWall, which is responsible for the surface line.

Above all Sun Valley should provide a major interface change for Windows 10. Microsoft also wants to finally integrate the aesthetic components of Windows, whose differences have accumulated over the last 20 years from version to version.

Living Fossils from Windows 95!

Most recently on Windows Latest they unveiled new icons to replace the icons that have not moved since Windows 95. This change is part of Sun Valley’s “visual refreshment” and will come in the last quarter of 2021 (Windows 10 21 H2).

Some of the new icons include hibernate mode, networks, memory, disk drives, and the shell shell, a key part of the Windows shell. This visual component is responsible for displaying these icons in the dialog windows we use in our sessions with Windows.

While the screenshot below does not show much difference, this modernization will allow Microsoft to move towards the goal of bringing more stability to the Windows 10 interface.

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