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Nordic update available, shown in the video -

Microsoft Aircraft Simulator Receives Big Performance Improvements in July – Nert 4. Life

Microsoft Flight Simulator Will receive an interesting update July 27, 2021, Focuses mainly on the finite “Major improvements” to performance On the computer, through a series of profound changes in the game engine.

Apparently, this evolution is not integrated with the new DirectX 12 API application, although it will soon be introduced in the Microsoft Air Simulator, but a Rework Azobo is making general improvements to the graphics engine to introduce better updates.

As a result, Microsoft Air Simulator CPU usage will also be reduced Improve frame rate At the public level. To demonstrate these changes, Asobo Studio’s Sebastian Vloch has released a video below that shows the differences in Microsoft Air Simulator performance between Update 4 and Update 5.

In the experiment, Vloch uses one Configuration Based on the Intel Core i7 9700K with Nvidia RTX 2060 Super, in both cases, the setting in 4K uses Ultra and RenderScale. Improvements are clear: with update 4, the game runs at 32-40 frames per second with some glitching issues, making maximum use of all CPU cores.

With ‘Update5Instead, the Microsoft Flight Simulator, released in July, goes at 53-60 fps and significantly reduces workload on the CPU, without stuttering. This is a really significant change as it continues to operate on DirectX 11.

July 27 Xbox Series X | Note that the console version on the S is similar to the release date, but it also has some new features compared to the original version for PC.