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Is GTA 6 a victim of game development confusion?  The known interior goes wild

Is GTA 6 a victim of game development confusion? The known interior goes wild

Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition New games will be available on PCs and consoles in November 2021, The network welcomes new waves of highly talked about rumors GTA VI.

Update: Following the rapid spread of his words, Rockstar Mac Insider mentioned his latest reviews They are not considered real rumors, But, in fact, simple personal theories.

The original message was as follows.

To attract the attention of the video game community, especially the channel manager Rockstar Mac, A French insider who has provided advances in the world of Rockstar games in the past and later proved it right. The podcast, which was released in September but has only recently become widespread, the latter specifically stated that it was its growth at this time. Grand Theft Auto VI Will be in considerable confusion.

In particular, Rockstar Games would have decided Reboot completely from scratch In the summer of last year, get to work on the game immediately Dan Hauser’s decision to leave Rockstar. GTA VI, Insider continues, its basic concept has changed many times from 2019 to today. Currently, he adds Rockstar Mac, The game must be set Two historical periods Different, however, he did not provide any kind of specific details. On the one hand, the interior is finally, first, Grand Theft Auto VI It should have been issued by 2020 itself.

As usual at these events we remind you that we are talking Rumor, Which in no way represents official or confirmed information.

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