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Michael Collins, one of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, dies: 90 -

Michael Collins, one of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, dies: 90 –

He died at the age of 90 Michael Collins, One Apollo 11 astronauts. He had been battling cancer for some time. The family announced it, underlining that he “always faced life’s challenges with grace and humility, and faced the last days in the same way.” “Our beloved father and grandfather died today after a courageous battle against cancer. He spent his last days with his family by his side, ”Collins’ family wrote on Twitter. “Mike always handled it Challenges of life with grace and humility He faced this, his ultimate challenge, in the same way.

“Forgotten Astronaut”

It is often nicknamed “Forgotten Astronaut” Because unlike Neil Armstrong and Bus Aldrin, he never walked on the moon, but in the 1969 historical mission he was in control of the lunar module, orbiting them. Collins The second missing Apollo 11 astronaut. Armstrong died in 2012, and Aldrin is now 91 years old. Aldrin, recalling him on Twitter, underlined how important his role is: “Dear Mike, wherever you go or wherever you are, you will always be. The fire that efficiently takes us to new heights and into the future. We will miss you and rest in peace.

American born in Rome

Collins Born in Rome, His father is currently serving in the military at the US Embassy in Italy. He passed through the famous West Point Military Academy and landed in the Air Force, where he became a test pilot. In 1963 he was selected by NASA as an astronaut: the first mission was on Gemini 10. Apollo 11 was his last: He left “the best job in the world” and NASA “the brightest chapter of my life, but only one lesson” and joined the State Department. It became a few years later Director Smithsonian National Aerospace and Space Museum In Washington, D.C. oversees its construction and inauguration in 1976.

News for Earth Day

On April 22, on the eve of Earth Day, he wrote on his Twitter profile: If everyone could see the Earth floating out of their windows, I hope every day would be Earth Day. There are still some fragile or beautiful things on earth, We work together every day today to protect our home.

Rocky: “The protagonist of a historical work”

Remember Collins, the mayor of Rome, Virginia Rocky, Wrote on Twitter: «Today astronaut Michael Collins, born in Rome in 1930, passed away. Participated in the historical work of Apollo 11, which changed the history of mankind. His contribution Testimony of courage and valor. Rome remembers him and clings to the pain of his family.

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