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Metal: This airless bike tire features NASA technology

Metal: This airless bike tire features NASA technology

Technologies developed by NASA often end up in everyday products. The same may be true of this tire, which includes an invention by the US space agency.

Credit: Smart

NASA willingly commercializes technologies developed for space exploration. Start-up Smart, which was established last year, uses such technology for its fresh air-tight and especially resistant tire. It was used in the development of the space agency’s lunar and Mars rovers.

A super anti-tire

Developed by NASA, Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) technology is the basis of this tire. So, this tire is completely insensitive to punctures! Despite the lack of air inside, it offers equal or better traction than inflated rubber tires.

This unique design also helps absorb shocks. SMA is an alloy capable of restoring its natural shape at the molecular level. So it can decompose under the most extreme conditions like Mars, but without ever losing its natural shape. The tire therefore retains its structural integrity over time.

A great invention to explore the depths of space, but it can also be used on Earth, so why not go cycling! Smart used SMA to design its airtight tire, called METL. It is understood that this product is designed for manufacturers, and its functionality is not diminished in view of the explosion in the use of bicycles around the world. The first partnership start-up was signed with Ford-owned bike distribution company Spin.

It’s not over yet: after serving the cycling community, it also wants to reach out to smart car manufacturers.

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