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Messi was assassinated by Efootball 2022

Messi was assassinated by Efootball 2022

The new football simulation has just been released and it is a real assassination.

The famous competitor of the FIFA series, the PES series, produced by Konami, a competitor in the electronic arts, has undergone a minor revolution this year. Redesigned, but not better. Now called “Efootball”, the simulation goes to the free sample in “Free-to-play”. A light version in terms of content, but also in function. And this is a real assassination.

This version is free to install, but the possibility of obtaining additional content for a fee is completely missed. Available this Thursday at 2:01 p.m., The game was uploaded by many enthusiasts of the series, and they encountered a bad version.

If the gameplay and controls are familiar and familiar, the graphics are a real shame. This, even for the most famous players. We think of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who suffered from strabismus and only remotely resembled their famous models. FIFA22 can rub his hands and he will be quiet again this year.

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