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Message inviting you to delete the app

Message inviting you to delete the app

The message that Telegram invited its users to uninstall WhatsApp did not go unnoticed. Here is what happened.

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To counter the spread of govt, we are asked to be vigilant in various precautionary measures like social break. In fact, the latter seems to contribute to the increasingly massive use of different types Technical equipmentSuch as smartphones, tablets and PCs. Ranging from social networks to variety Instant messaging appsOn the other hand, we have various services.

They all allow you to stay in touch with friends and relatives even if they are physically far away. These undoubtedly include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Share e Telegraph. The latter ended up in the center of attention recently due to a message calling its users to uninstall WhatsApp. But what happened? So let’s go into details and see what there is to know about it.

“Install WhatsApp Instantly”, Telegram Warning: Unexpected request

As mentioned, last Monday was actually a black day for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook More than six hours of historical decline of social networking and related applicationsThat is, Instagram and WhatsApp have made millions of users without the ability to communicate through these services.

In this regard, the Vice President of Facebook Santosh Santhosh Janardhan explained that the malfunction was caused by the change of routers that coordinate network traffic: “This Network traffic interruption This has a serious effect on how our data centers communicate and block our services“.

A block is definitely going unnoticed and direct competitors like this Twitter and Telegram. The well-known instant messaging application recently ended up in the center of attention due to a message Urged users to uninstall WhatsApp.

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Definitely unnoticed words especially after recent words Under This struck a questionable application. Apparently it is not known how many users have decided to follow this “advice”, in fact they decided to leave the app with the famous green icon to switch to blue with the paper airplane. However, the news of the Telegram will cause controversy.