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Men and women, Gemma Kalkani unloads Stefano: Nadia takes advantage of it!

Men and women, Gemma Kalkani unloads Stefano: Nadia takes advantage of it!

In the men & women episode airing today on Canale 5, there is chaos in the studio, while Gemma Calcani refuses to meet Stefano.

The New chapter From Men and women, Then aired today Channel 5, Shows us a very tense situation in the studio. When Gemma Calcani is close to Stefano, as he moves to look at pictures of Angela Boyne and Antonio Stellasi’s wedding, the girl Marica Gerasi lashes out at Armando and admits that she was very impressed by Diego ending up in Jessica’s cross chair. Cherry on the cake? The argument between Elena and Piaggio de Marro continues, making the woman cry.

Men and women: chaos in the studio, everyone against everyone!

After discussing with Armando Incarnado In the last chapter Men and women, Accused of wanting to go to the famous island, Marica Gerasi Meets Diego He became acquainted with her. He goes the way of the conversation Jessica, Who ended up with Diego after a close relationship with a lot of acquaintances in the family. Despite the controversy that arose in the studio, it was derived from Diego and Marika are considered fake, Emphasizes that the Sicilian female relationship is progressing well. The discussion expands and covers Armando Incarnado Who agreed to what he asked Diego talks very badly about Marika In the dressing room, end with another Face to face between Biagio Di Maro and Elena, Which left the female parterre Trono Over Tears Malka.

And then we go Gemma Calcani, Who has decided to give the opportunity Stefano And joined him on the beach for their first date. Outside, the Turin woman is cold and refuses to kiss Knightie. In the studio, Gemma Makes it clear that she was not impressed Stefano, Which is bad for us but Say consolation with yes Nadia, Which shows some interest in the Roman Knight. The last part of the chapter is dedicated to the thrilling story Wedding day of Angela Fone and Antonio StellacI decided to get married a few months after I left the studio together Men and women.

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Everyone is so excited especially for the happy event Gemma leaves herself in tears, Perhaps remembering all that has happened to her in the last few weeks, it certainly does not give hope for a happy ending. Angela and Antonio enter the studio Was greeted with a loving applause, to tell the emotions experienced and how their love story continues.

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